About Bluechip

Bluechip Study USA is the leading expert on US education in Sweden. The company was established due to the growing demand and interest for studying in the US, as a company that would focus on working with US institutions only.

The founders of Bluechip have over 36 years of experience in helping students study abroad in the US and have helped over 10 000 students from Sweden go abroad to the US since 1991.

The interest among Swedish students to study abroad continues to increase. Today there are approximately 6 000 Swedish students studying in the US.

Bluechip is today a small, hard working family run company that assist students to the US. We assist students in all aspects of the admission process. Our extensive contacts and knowledge developed over years of operation, allow students to get recognized and assist them in the placement to the institution that best suits their needs.

Bluechip Education is today the leading academic advisor for students wanting to go to the US in Scandinavia. We have offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

The staff at Bluechip Study USA are required to have study or work experience from the US. Our staff are graduates from universities and colleges from around the US. They have the relevant experience to assist and counsel students. We know what it means to be a student in the US.

Our goal is to visit with our partner institutions within the first years of cooperation. It is very important for us to see the town, campus, meet with faculty and go through admission criteria and requirements with admission staff so that we know what we are talking about when talking with students interested in that particular school.

Our partner institutions are always eager to get students from Bluechip Study USA. They know that when they receive a student from Bluechip that they are well prepared and supported throughout the entire process. Our philosophy is to help and provide support to the student prior to leaving Sweden as well during their time abroad. Bluechip provide an array of services to its students. Honest, detailed and extensive evaluation of their needs, information and help applying for Government Grants and Loans, academic and financial counseling, application assistance, arrangement of practical details; including visas, travel and insurance, information about various tests such as TOEFL, SAT and ACT.

Bluechip’s emphasis is always on the academic interest and success of the student. We will evaluate and discuss with each student their academic interest and opportunities in regards to their academic situation.To help us and the student, we utilize our proven “Bluechip PASS-model” to evaluate students according to Personality, Academic interest, Social needs, and Scholarship needs and opportunities

This is to evaluate if the student meets acceptable standards to succeed in the US and make a smooth transition to college. This also ensures that the student is prepared for what they can expect when arriving on campus. It also matches the students to a suitable partner university more easily.

If you want more information about Bluechip Study USA please contact us on: info@bluechip.nu or call us at + 46 31 631150

Bluechip Study USA, Vastra Vagen 5, 475 42 Hono - Gothenburg, SWEDEN